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What I do

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Performing live

"The effective use of cymbals and a variety of drumsticks,  added an extra dynamic that is critical to the delivery of each track. Manuel Pasquinelli is indeed a top class drummer with exceptional timing." - Excerpt from a concert review by Ian Greatorex

recently with:

Schrödingers Katze | Sonar & David Torn | Akku Quintet | Nudge



"Pasquinelli’s writing contains an almost cinematic dimension that encompasses bittersweet moods and moments of unfolding drama." - Sid Smith, excerpt from the liner notes for Akku Quintet's album AEON

recent work:

Album composition for Akku Quintet | Filmmusic for Barbara Burger | Music/Foley for Theater Szene, Bern


Studio Recording

"I had the pleasure of seeing him work live in the studio with Sonar, together with David Torn and it was impressive to see how he instinctively, engagingly reacts to the musicians around him." Anil Prasad, after the studio session for 'Vortex'

recent colaborations:

Stephan Thelen - Fractal Guitar Albumrecording | Oymoz - Breed, Albumrecording | Werner Hasler - Sound recording for T-Rex | Sonar & David Torn - Tranceportation Albumrecording

About/Contact: Dienstleistungen


Manuel Pasquinelli
Hürnberg 451, 3503 Gysenstein, Switzerland

+41 (0) 77 459 77 44

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